Snow for the South

Here in the South USA we usually do not get very much snow. The past couple of weeks proved otherwise, though. I made the photo above early yesterday morning, when most of north Alabama got a lot of snow. It is said that this accumulation ranged from 3″ to 13″ across north Alabama, setting a record for the top 4 snow amounts since the late 1800’s. ‘So glad that it has now all melted, and looking forward to the Spring solstice.

Happy holiday wishes

(c) DSG 2014Good morning everyone. Sending happy holiday wishes to all of you and your families. Above is another photo from our local park. Colored lights are pretty, but so are the clear and white ones, as this photo proves. Too bad we aren’t getting snow. Instead, we have thunderstorms complete with lightning and tons of rain. Well, the family will be here so that is what is really important. It’s all about the family. Happy holidays everyone!