Widescreen programming

graphic: Dsndrn-Video Pixabay.com
‘Just curious… Can someone explain why for many years, we were told how a square screen TV actually cut off the sides of the program on TV, but widescreen provides the whole program. Thus, today’s rectangle-shaped TVs provide the entire screen image. Understood. The question is, now HD programming cuts off the sides and provides a squared image. How is that better? That HD logo and those bars on the sides of the screen are distracting. Sometimes, during a scene, people who were intended to be on camera are chopped out partially or entirely. Seems kinda redundant. Just wondering why and how is that better?
graphic: Dsndrn-Video | Pixabay.com

Snow in…March!

©DSG 2017
Yes, snow in March for northwest Alabama. ‘Made this photo just after midnight, with the Nikon™ set for snow scene. So incredible, isn’t it? About ten years ago, I was living in Mississippi and we actually got ice one March. So, the groundhog must have been correct- more winter weather. Just looking forward to the Spring equinox in about a week or so.