The ice is here…

photograph: © DSG 2018
Here is a photograph of the ice that has begun to move into our area this morning. It is currently 8:011 AM CDT. We are under a weather advisory through 6 PM tonight. This may not appear to be much to some people, but here in northwest Alabama we do not usually get a lot of ice or snow. As a result, many of us do not know how to drive in inclement weather. Tonight it is expected to reach only 10° F. I would much rather this be snow than ice, lol. Everyone please stay warm and safe, where ever you are located.


Protecting our information

photograph: RFID wallets © DSG
Hoping you all are having a great week. In today’s world, we must do all that we can to protect our personal information. Pictured above are three RFID (radio-frequency identification) wallets. What they do is provide a barrier to those who would attempt to scan and obtain our information. Driver’s license, insurance cards, credit/debit cards, bank cards and paper checks/deposit slips, etc… We can place those items in one of these wallets,available at many stores and online. Ours were purchased at a local chain-department store. These are metal, some are leather, vinyl, and other materials. Some are even blinged-out, if that is your style. While nothing is 100% effective in life, it is worth the effort to help ensure that our personal information is not scanned while we are out-and-about. There are arguments that RFID protection is not necessary. Some sources even state that RFID theft is not real. My opinion is better safe than sorry. What do you think? Do you have one of these wallets?