Spring/Summer mantelscape

©DSG 2017
Here is our Spring/Summer mantelscape. Actually, it was decorated back in March. Simple and minimal is the idea. Soft pastels with the eggshell white are welcoming and calming. Mother’s children and grandchildren are in the white photo frames. A mixture of antique crystal and modern decor makes this mantel a beautiful feature of our living room.

Widescreen programming

graphic: Dsndrn-Video Pixabay.com
‘Just curious… Can someone explain why for many years, we were told how a square screen TV actually cut off the sides of the program on TV, but widescreen provides the whole program. Thus, today’s rectangle-shaped TVs provide the entire screen image. Understood. The question is, now HD programming cuts off the sides and provides a squared image. How is that better? That HD logo and those bars on the sides of the screen are distracting. Sometimes, during a scene, people who were intended to be on camera are chopped out partially or entirely. Seems kinda redundant. Just wondering why and how is that better?
graphic: Dsndrn-Video | Pixabay.com