RIP Tom Petty

Tom Petty 1983 tour t-shirt | photograph © DSG
So sad to hear that rock star Tom Petty has passed away. Pictured above is the original t-shirt that I purchased at one of the band’s concerts back in 1983. Apologies that the t-shirt is in such bad condition. This was the Long After Dark Tour, presented by Tecate® beer. The bumper sticker that I had with that slogan on it is long missing.

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Solar Eclipse 2017

morning sky 21 August 2017 ©DSG
Here is a photo of the sky, taken at 9:13 AM CDT this morning. Our area will experience a partial eclipse around 1:28 PM CDT. The stores are sold out of protective eye wear, so no looking at the sun for me. What a natural phenomenon. Nature really holds some incredible events. Where ever you are, please stay safe and protect your eyes.
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