Found treasures

old canning jars ©DSG 2017
Do you ever search through the house for something, but find something unexpected? These old glass canning jars were under our kitchen sink. ‘No telling for how long, lol. I do have a love for primitive, old decor, and these are perfect. For now, they are displayed empty. These are common items in the Southern culture. My mother and father would spend many hours canning preserves and even homemade peppers. What would you put on them? Seeds, “snow” flakes?


Welcome Summer!

photograph: LOSTMIND |
Today is the official first day of the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. ‘So glad to see warmer weather. Sitting outdoors in the shade is my thing, lol. Those adirondack chairs look so colorful and comfy. My adorable granddaughter is also celebrating her 6th birthday today. Sending the best birthday wishes to her. June is a busy month, as her mother (my daughter) will be celebrating her own birthday in eight more days. Father’s Day was the 18th as well. Hoping you all are having a wonderful week.
image: LOSTMIND |