Memorial Day 2018

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Memorial Day is an American holiday which celebrates all of those in the armed forces who died while in service. This holiday traces its roots as far back as the American Civil War era. To all who gave their lives for our freedom, we respect and thank you. image: Jill111 | Pixabay

Lilac yard flowers

©DSG lilac yard flowers

This photograph is of some of the pretty lilac flowers that grow in our back yard. 'Not sure what they are exactly. Could they even be a species of weed? Any way, they are colorful and decorative. There are a few leaves in the photograph left over from Autumn. Spring is my favorite season of …

Pantone® Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Pantone® is a color-matching system/corporation that has been in business since the 1950's. Interior decorators, fashion designers, and graphics specialists are a few of the people who utilize the company. Every year, Pantone® chooses a Color of the Year. For 2018, that color is a deep, blueish-purple named Ultra Violet. Throughout history, purple has been …