Happy Earth Day 2022 to all. I was reading a post from a friend blogger about helping our Earth. There are many ways we can recycle and reuse to help stop overfill in our world. Reusing plastic bags or, as she also suggested, using a fabric bag. Those of us who sew can really do that. There are also premade fabric bags available in stores to purchase and use. Not littering is also helpful and a wonderful habit to use. It pains me to see people throw trash from vehicles and such, especially when there is a trash receptacle nearby. Back in the early 1970’s, when I was a pre-teen, there was a huge effort to not litter and to help our environment. Conserving electricity is another great way to help. When not in a room, try to remember to turn the lights off. Using cold water to wash laundry is another great habit. Many detergents today are actually made for cold water. The list can go on and on indefinitely. What are some of your thoughts and ideas for saving our Earth in 2022?

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