The Coronavirus, COVID-19, is rapidly affecting many people of all ages in many areas of the world. While I worked in a hospital, though that was years before this viral outbreak, these are some of the healthy tips that nurses shared with employees:

* Wash hands often, using warm and not hot or cold water. Wash for 15 seconds, up to the elbow area. Remember between fingers and under finger nails. Avoid harsh scrubbing as this can break the skin and thus introduce germs.

*Keep a distance of 6′ minimum from other people, as to avoid airborne particles from sneezing and coughing. Wear a face-nose mask as needed.

* Avoid sharing food and food receptacles with other people, as well as sharing other personal items and space.

*Use hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes-cleaners often (they are really difficult to find these days and can cost quite a lot of money). Do so especially after having been in a public area. Who all has touched those store doors and counters? That currency?

*Use a paper towel or wipe to open and close public doors and other structures.

* Many viruses are spread via touching of the face with the hands. This can be your own hands and/or face or someone else’s.

*If you feel ill, see a medical care professional immediately.

We should all remember that it is equally as important to avoid contracting a virus as well as to avoid spreading a virus.

The rumor that consumption/application of vodka or other alcoholic beverages will prevent or kill COVID-19 is purely a myth.

To read more about personal health and the COVID-19 virus, visit: World Health Organization | Privacy-Cookies Policy and Centers for Disease Control | Privacy-Cookies Policy.