Hazel eyes are a mixture of several different colors- brown, green, amber and blue. Colors and amounts of colors vary from person to person. Statistics state that only approximately 5-8% of people in the world have hazel eyes. For most of my life, I have thought that my eyes are brown. ‘Turns out they are actually hazel. My twin sister and our mother have blue eyes. My daughter has green eyes, and her father has blue eyes. In our family, including extended, I am the only one who has hazel eyes. My late father and some of his siblings had brown eyes. All others, except my daughter, are blue-eyed. How interesting is that?

Scientists now realize that hazel eyes are the effect of many variables and factors, some unknown. It is recommended that people with lighter-colored eyes, like blue, grey, and hazel, wear good UV protective sunglasses when outdoors. This is due to the reduced amount of melanin that is in their [our] eyes to protect from the sun. The amount of light, the color of clothing and/or cosmetics, and heightened emotions can cause hazel eyes to appear to change colors by emphasizing one color more than the others. Genetics and environment are both involved in this unique multi-color eye trait in humans.

Yes, that is a selfie of my right eye in the photograph. The photograph is not retouched or otherwise altered (other than the faded edges and my copyright mark). ‘Hope the image doesn’t appear scary. If you look carefully, you can actually see my hands holding the camera. ‘Kinda cool, isn’t it? What color are your eyes?