times surely are changing…

‘Remember the days of shooting a whole roll of film and then waiting a week to have the photos developed? One could never be sure that the photos would even be good ones. The thought of digital was unheard of. Our world has really become technologically advanced in the past few years. No more searching through negatives just to order a copy of a photo.

I have an old Argus® C-3 camera from the 1940’s, like the one in this post image, and it does still work. The camera is sentimental, but it sure does make me thankful for modern cameras. Professional photographers still sometimes use roll-type film, but it has been many years since I have. How about you?

header image is a derivative of: Camera-Canon-Classic by ponce_photography and Camera-Argus C3 by Chad Dalke.
Both works are licensed under CCO 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

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  1. Whether it does the job well or not, that camera is a work of art. There’s nothing like simple machines to make me feel nostalgic also.

    1. Thank you Elana. I even still have the big-ole metal pan flash attachment. Those blue bulbs that blinded everyone, though, have not seen any of those in a long while.

    2. We also have some old cameras, not as old as what you’re describing. I remember those flash bulbs quite well. It’s astounding how far photography has come with the advances of the digital age.

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