Music technology sure has changed over the years, hasn’t it? Can you remember 8 track tapes? Most vehicles came standard with an 8 track tape player, and you’d have to listen to the whole tape to get to that favorite song, as there was no choosing the song . Eventually, the tape would get stretched and play poorly or break. What a drag, lol. Vinyl LPs? Actually, vinyl LPs are quite collectible nowadays. I have quite a collection of vinyl, including original Beatles’,and most are scratched or warped from age and excessive playing. ‘Problem is, do you have a record player to play them on?

For many years, cassettes ruled. We had them in our cars, as well as in our home stereo systems. Oh, those huge sound systems with the record player on top and a radio plus a cassette player. Some even had a double cassette player. ‘Essential entertainment item back in the day. The cassettes would also get stretched and skip or break. Aren’t we lucky now to have digital music? Who even owns a radio any longer?

Our smartphones, tablets and computers provide all that radios did, plus movies and more. The sound quality is so much better today. ‘Remember back in the day, using graphic equalizers and such just to get the right sound? HD and digital were dreams and years away. Aren’t we fortunate now that technology is constantly improving?