In effect as of 25 May 2018, the updated General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will apply. We bloggers need to pay attention. The issue is primarily about security, data collection and storage. A very complex issue this is, with many facets. I am definitely not an expert, so please consult a qualified person for legal advice. The following topics will likely be affected, however.

Contact forms collect what is deemed to be personal information (names, email addresses, for example). Applicants will need to consent to the information they provide via the form. Applicants also have the right to know what information is stored and where, to modify or update that information, or even to have that information permanently deleted. I am thinking that we all need to consider whether the information on our forms is truly necessary. Do we really need to know a person’s home address or smart phone/land line information? Being social is so critical and necessary in today’s world, but how much information is just too much?

Third-party gadgets that we may add to our blogs or sites are our responsibility. This can refer to a contact form, email subscription, and even those applications used by many to collect email addresses for giveaways and contests. Consent will be required.

From what I understand, those people who gain financial profit from their blog or site are the most affected. The rest of us, well, gadgets such as contact forms, polls, and subscriptions do collect personal information, so the updated laws will apply. There is also an issue of how long and where personal information can be stored. Sharing of personal information is regulated as well. Having security to protect collected information is paramount.

WordPress (Automattic) has already been working to ensure that their gadgets are in compliance. You can read all about it and the GDPR laws here: WordPress and the GDPR.

I have already added consent tick boxes to my contact form, as well as a link to my updated Privacy Policy. If you do not already have an easy-to-locate-and-read Privacy Policy, please consider writing one. There are links on my Privacy Policy page as well. I will continue to do my very best to ensure that my blogs are all in compliance. ‘Better hurry up- the 25th will be here soon.
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