Someone once told me that I “look like something out of the ’60’s” (?) Other than the “something” part of that statement, it is kinda true. Yes, I still wear bell-bottom jeans and tye-dye t-shirts. Of course, the music of the era was important as well. Even though a bit late in the game, I was a Beatles fan for sure. Vans like the one pictures above were seen locally. Expression through art. No one probably thought that all of these years later, those now old vans and cars would be vintage and popular. War was going on, and music and art were ways of escaping the turmoil of the days. World peace is a worthy goal. Sometimes, we all need to “escape”, and art and music can provide that relief.

While world situations constantly change, people basically do not. Our needs are a combination of basic and entertainment. Sometimes we long for “the good ole days”. A world without war or other issues would truly be perfect. Since that is not likely to happen, we learn to be thankful and how to cope. The good elements in life make it all worthwhile. Many people would place family and friends at the top of that list. In the end, our lives are what we choose to make of them. After all, the positive elements in life do tend to outweigh the negative. Today I was thinking this simple thought, based upon a ’60’s song. We may apply it with our own interpretations:

All we [still] need is love
-John Lennon

photographer: Nick Karvounis @ Unsplash