Here is a photo of the sky, taken at 9:13 AM CDT this morning. Our area will experience a partial eclipse around 1:28 PM CDT. The stores are sold out of protective eye wear, so no looking at the sun for me. What a natural phenomenon. Nature really holds some incredible events. Where ever you are, please stay safe and protect your eyes.

Solar eclipse 2017 ©DSG
Here is the [partial] solar eclipse at it’s maximum. The time was 1:28:18 CDT. Our visibility was 95.57% sun coverage. Having no camera filter, I just opened the front door (that has no window), and reached out with only my arm holding the Nikon™ camera. Guessed at the lens zoom and took several shots, hoping for a good one. The yellow circle graphic shows the eclipse. To the right of that, notice the shadow that was cast. Awesome!