The study of architecture has always interested me. While an undergrad, a course in Gothic history was very educational. Gothic architecture evolved during the 12th through the 16th century in France. We commonly refer to this era as medieval, and it was before the Renaissance period. Many buildings were constructed with Gothic style elements, one of the most recognized being the tall windows that point upwards toward heaven. Most medieval people were quite religious, thus a window that was tall and pointed upwards was thought to help bring one closer to heaven and thus closer to God. Even today in the 21st century, we continue to see many buildings with a Gothic influence. Many of these buildings have historically been churches. Some are more ornate than others, such as the Notre-Dame de Paris, with some being quite simplistic as the church pictured above. Have any of you traveled to France or other areas to see some of the historical Gothic architecture churches? That would truly be an educational + awesome opportunity.
Image: DiggerDanno |