Hey everyone out in blog land. Pictured above is the window in our mid-century bath room. For many years, we hated that aqua-ish “poison green” colored ceramic tile. Well, glazing that is costly, difficult smelly, and time consuming. So, we decided to just work with it. A good cleaning and a nice curtain that yours truly made help so much. From a decorating sense, if a color cannot be matched then go with coordinating colors.

 storage solution bins © DSG
mid century modern bathroom cornice ©DSG
mid century modern bathroom louver vanity doors ©DSG

Beige, white, chocolate, olive green, lime, pale yellow, and aqua all coordinate well in the shower curtain, storage bins, and rug. The cornice above the mirror is actually made of foam board and has a wall art wording “Love makes all things grow”. The wood louver doors under the vanity got a sanding and new stain, as did the closet doors (oops, no photo).Yes, this bathroom really needs a total “gut” and re-do, but this is how to work on a budget. We have grown to love our mid-century bathroom, and have since found out that it is actually a style that other people love and will pay a lot for. How cool is that? Do you ever remodel in your house?