In December of 1965, the Beatles released their Christmas album, Rubber Soul. Capitol T-2442. This album was produced by George Martin. The folksy attitude has been appreciated by fans for many years. One of my personal favorites. The US version cover title appeared orangeish-brown to goldish tone, while the UK release appeared greenish. The main difference, however, was that UK LP’s had 14 instead of 12 songs. The UK version has Drive My Car added to side 1 and What Goes On added to side 2. There was also a stereo version. Mine, pictured here, is the US mono version, T-2442. This was the first Beatles album that had not been interrupted by touring and filming schedules. It was their sixth studio album. I am very proud of my original Beatles LP’s.Unfortunately, the inner sleeve with this LP is severely damaged with age. Time magazine included this album in their 100 Best Albums of All Time. Do any of you love the Beatles?