Hello friends. This is a first: re-posting something from one of my other blogs. I hope that you all don’t consider that as being spammy. The subject is very important, and I just want to ensure that as many people as possible know about it. Do you realize that everywhere you visit on the internet is recorded on your computer/device’s memory? This history can grow really large and thus slow your computer and other devices down considerably. From time to time, you should delete all of your browsing history. On Windows, look under Tools or History. Click Delete History. When the box pops up, be sure to not check the boxes for Active Logins and Saved Passwords or your saved logins and passwords will be deleted. Make sure that the boxes for Cookies and Cache are checked. Then click Delete. Another box will appear, asking you if you are sure (the action, once done, cannot be undone). Click, and in a few seconds the history will be deleted. The length of time this will take will vary, depending upon your internet connection and speed.

One other thing is this: if you use a smartphone or other device that accesses the internet, you need a security system on that just like you have one on your computer. Simply put, any device that accesses the internet is subject to hacking, spam, etc… ‘Something to think about.
Image: Caspar Rubin | Unsplash.