Reality programming

photographer: cegoh | Pixabay.comHello friends. This post will be short and to-the-point. Ma, Pa, and Jr Dug make me SICK! Here’s hoping that the other  children have better lives in the future. Being from the South, I can vouch that their “brand” of religion is not a Southern standard.  Furthermore, praying and/or eliminating a criminal report does not correct or “make right” the situation nor the offender. Being a college graduate, I still cannot see the relation between learning and the events that occur on/around such reality programs.  If you read this blog often, you will notice that  such a personal opinion is rarely given.  Without elaborating on the long list of complaints with such reality programs, as that post would be incredibly long, let’s just hope that people understand that all that is portrayed on television and  on the internet is not always an ideal situation.  So sad, so many messed-up lives…
photographer: cegoh |


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