Copyrights and the internet

Good morning friends. I have been thinking lately about copyrights and the internet. Many people just do not realize that copyrights do apply to online usage. Yes, it is true that most of us enjoy reading a post that contains an image. This is also true when we read hard copy information. We are usually more likely to read a magazine than consult a scholarly source, as most scholarly papers do not contain images. Yeah, we are almost always attracted to visual images offline and online. Copyrights protect images as well as text and audio sounds.

The use of images and/or text offline and online should be done legally. Sometimes, there is no permission granted to use the content. Other times, there are some requirements such as crediting the source/author of the information. Often, no sharing of images is allowed. We should proceed with respect and caution. We can rest assured that images of celebrities, sports teams and their logos, movies, and the like are indeed copyright protected. The same is true of slogans and other text. We may not be simply warned about unauthorized/improper use but be slapped with a fine and lawsuit even on the first offense. Pleading ignorance of the laws may not be sufficient. No one wants to get a cease and desist order. Basically, let’s all be sure that we are not making ourselves liable. We should respect the copyright laws and privacy of other people. ‘Just something worthwhile to think about…
photographer: Artem Sapegin @ Unsplash