Hello friends. Today I have been thinking about alternative art forms. The word “art” encompasses many aspects, and for this post we will be thinking along the lines of non-traditional art. To me, this includes murals, graffiti, and tattoos.

Murals are beautiful and often quite large art expressions. A local building in our older part of town recently commissioned three murals depicting local landmarks. The work is amazing and very detailed. The pride of our somewhat small town is represented well via these murals. For several weeks, we watched as the works were gradually completed.

Graffiti is often illegal, and this blog in no way supports illegal activities. That being said, many years ago while waiting at a railroad crossing in a small Mississippi town, one of the rail cars that passed was painted with a saying that has remained in my mind ever since. The large letters said, “The world is destroyed by anger, greed and hate.” What an accurate summation. Can you recall one battle that has not stemmed from one or more of those three emotions? ‘Funny how some sayings just stay in one’s mind…

Tattoos are a very popular art form that some people find to be unacceptable. However, some tattoos are beautiful artistic expressions with fine detail. Yes, I do have some tattoos. From time to time, I have seen some tattoos that are anything but well done. Some tattoos are expressions of hate and discrimination, which is never acceptable. My advice is to carefully study the design you choose and hire a professional tattoo artist. Of course, make sure that you are obeying state laws on getting tattooed.

This is a college town, so art is very popular and there is a wide diversity of people in this town. What are your thoughts on these three alternative art forms?
Image: Glen.| Unsplash