Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween tomorrow. Our family does not celebrate Halloween as such. Even so, ‘thought I’d share some interesting spooky folklore with you all today. The content may be too scary for children and some adults, though I have attempted to keep it fairly tame. We do live in the South US, and there are many folklore stories. Some folklore is true, and some is not. Every person has to make those calls for him/her self. The paranormal is just frightening to me, and I choose to not get into any of it too deeply. However, many other people do study this subject. So, for all of you who do, here is a small list of some of the scariest folklore stories in the South:
The Three-Legged Lady– This story is very popular, and is based in Columbus, Mississippi. There are several versions, but the one likely heard most often is that the lady wanders around looking for her tragically dismembered daughter. The Lady allegedly carries one of the daughter’s legs, making her appear as three-legged. The Lady supposedly races cars down the road and often dents the cars. Some people say that she wails very loudly. Having lived near Columbus for many years, I have been to the location and never saw her. Admittedly, I was scared!
The Ghost Bridge– This story is from the early 20th century era in the South. Legend says that many men were hanged from Ghost Bridge (constructed in 1912). Although closed to through traffic for many years, the rickety old wooden bridge near the Forks of Cypress in Florence, Alabama still attracted many visitors. As a [silly] teenager, we used to go there and try to scare each other, lol! We never saw anything very impressive. Ghost Bridge was demolished earlier this year, as it was a safety hazard and often attracted illegal activities. People often reported seeing the ghost of a man hanging from the center of the bridge, suspended from a rope noose.
The Face on the Courthouse Window– This story emulates from Pickens county, Alabama. History recorded that a man was wrongly accused of a terrible crime and was sentenced to death. Jailed in the court house, he declared that he would haunt the establishment after his death. Just as he declared his statement, a lightning bolt struck the court house and emblazoned the man’s face into an upstairs window. When I was a young child, our family traveled to Pickens county and saw the image. The image did kinda look like a man’s face…
OK friends. ‘Hope I have not scared you too badly. Remember to be safe and lawful if you are out and about tomorrow tonight. Do you have any spooky folklore stories?
Image: Javier Molina | Unsplash