OK, here are some thoughts on overalls. Remember back in the ’90’s when designer overalls ruled? I still have and wear mine. Lately, some fashion designers have deemed overalls on adults as being unfashionable and unflattering. Well, I kinda disagree. Overalls do help to solve one major problem that we all have been faced with: seeing the sight of someone bending over and revealing half of their backside like a new moon (lol). The style without the higher back do not cover quite as well, especially if the crotch is knee-level. People are now calling that style, “moonshiner’s overalls”. The question with those would be shirt or no shirt. Overalls are usually loose-fitting and often utilitarian instead of fashion statements. Now please  tell us your  thoughts on overalls. 

2 replies on “Overalls: fashionable?

  1. lol, thanks for reading my blog! this is amusing to me because when i was a teen (early 2000s), i was obsessed about finding a good overall. i found one and never wore it, but i still have it around, determined to bust it out when i do some construction work around the house so i can wear it with a bra and be sexy and all at the same time 🙂

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