The Lady of Shalott

John William Waterhouse The Lady of Shalott

This is one of my favorite paintings. The Lady of Shalott is a Victorian ballad poem, set in Arthurian times, by Lord Alfred Tennyson. The Lady was a beautiful young lady who was cursed and banished to a lonely island castle. She could look at the outside world of Camelot only via a mirror. When she saw Sir Lancelot, she looked directly at him and earned her own death as the consequence. She died in the boat rowing towards Camelot. Sir Lancelot and others admired her beauty, though she arrived dead in the boat. The Waterhouse painting depicts her rowing towards Camelot. Tragic, yet beautiful. Today we often allude her suffering to that of modern artists. ‘Wonder why she was cursed…
image of painting: Creative Commons- Public Domain | John William Waterhouse [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Oh, I love this painting too—and many of the other works of John William Waterhouse. Thanks for reminding me of it. Somewhere I have a 20 year old notebook with this on the cover (filled—no doubt with embarrassing journal entries)!!!

  2. It is a lovely painting. Have you heard Loreena McKennitt’s song based on the poem?

    I don’t know if I did tell you this, or just meant to (!), but I think you’ve got a beautiful looking blog!

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