‘Just curious. I have often noticed that people commonly refer to inanimate objects in the feminine sense, ie “She’s a beauty”, “Get her done”. Usually they are referring to automobiles or other inanimate objects. Is this really PC, or even courteous? Why not use “it” instead? Some say this is a Southern [US] practice, and I am not sure about that. Having been born in the South and living in the South all of my life, it is not a practice that I use. So, what do you all think?
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One thought on “Why are objects usually feminine ♀ ?

  1. I think it’s a male/patriarchy thing. I think it originally began with men who wanted to prove their manhood and didn’t want to feel in any way “wimpy” or “sissy.” Because of that, they don’t like the thought of being “inside” a male, so their cars are female. Same way with boats, planes, etc.

    Just my opinion. 🙂


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